Birth of a world

The coupling formed by the platform and the boat can be considered as a Fish Concentration Device, a fishing tool that has been, as too often, hijacked for destructive industrial purposes.

Fishing method regularly condemned by sustainable fishermen and NGOs.

We will be [the boat and its plarform] whether we like it or not, considered by the fish and other ocean dwellers as a good place to live, we will be a Fish Concentration Device.

The only difference is that we are not going to take advantage of this gathering to slaughter them but to steal moments of life from them.

We will film them, day after day, to keep track of this tremendous explosion of life that will be enriched every day with new species.

The first algae that will cling to the container, then shellfish, crabs, small fishes, smaller fishes, bigger fishes, sea breams, tunas, turtles, sharks…not to mention the birds that will come and try to make a good meal…

The tom-tom will resonate not in the bush but below the surface of the ocean.

They will spread the word and want to come for a walk to the most trendy place between the Canary islands and the Caribbean.

This drift will be a tremendous opportunity to film the development of an ecosystem over time.

We will put all these images together to make a film that will show all this abundance.